Looking for a new wellness program to bring to your department? This page has got you covered. Below are pages and wellness webinars that cover a variety of health and wellness program ideas.  If you have a program idea that you would like to be featured on this page, please contact our office at education@ncrpa.net

Junior Try Tennis Program


The Town of Burgaw Parks and Recreation Department recently ran a pilot Junior Try Tennis Program for USTA North Carolina. This program helps introduce young people to the sport of tennis, and encouraged use of the tennis courts in town. Learn how this program can have a lasting effect on the sport of tennis in your community.

Healthy Cooking Courses

There are many reasons why people have unhealthy diets. These can include problems accessing affordable, healthy food, convenience of pre-packaged food, little or no desire to eat healthfully, and lack of knowledge about proper nutrition.

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Community Gardens

Teaching people about healthy eating is important, but they cannot put that knowledge into practice if they do not have access to healthy food outside of class. Community gardens are a fantastic way to promote healthy eating.

Run/Walk Groups

Run/Walk groups are a perfect way to get community members out and active while educating them about their local park system, the first goal is to establish a base of interest. Social media, flyers throughout the community, and reaching out to people who would be interested in participating is a perfect place to start. 

Kosmic Dodgeball

Kosmic Dodgeball is dodgeball with a twist - it’s played in the dark using glowing equipment and black lights. This is a great way to get people up and moving to play an old favorite game with a fun & innovative twist.

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Barbara Johnson from Mooresville Recreation joined us to detail the Town's Groove And Move Everyday Program (G.A.M.E), a class that focuses on education and fitness. Watch this webinar to learn how to bring a similar program to your community!

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality smartphone app, which inputs virtual elements into our real world using GPS. The players’ location are tracked via an avatar on their phone screen, and fictional Pokemon characters are superimposed around them. 

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