Winter is (almost) here!

Happy December! With the holidays, cooler temperatures, and shorter days, December can be a tough time for health and wellness. This wellness blog will give you and your department a few tips on how to promote winter wellness in your community.

While many people in your community exercise outdoors during most of the year, Winter arriving may cause changes to their routine. This could leave many people in your community without regular exercise. If your department has a fitness facility, one way to combat this would be to offer a reduced price seasonal pass to appeal to these individuals. If your community does not have a fitness center, you can still encourage people to use your facilities to stay active! Open gym sessions and group fitness courses can be great ways to get people active.

There are also a number of creative, fun winter themed ideas that your department can consider holding this winter. Artificial snow is a great option for providing the required snow when the weather’s not cooperating. At these events, snow is usually set up on a hill for sledding, or in a field for other snow activities. Even some of our departments from the coast have success with artificial snow! If your department is located near a ski resort, establish a contact with them. You could potentially hold partner events where more people can have fun in the snow. One company I have heard of that a number of our departments who hold snowy events use is Snow My Yard.

These fun events are great ways to promote physical activity! According to Orthopedic surgeon Angela Smith from, ice skating builds muscles, boosts balance, flexibility, quickness, and agility. Additionally, Both sledding and other traditional snow activities burn calories and are fun ways to get people active in the colder weather.

Last year, the Wellness Blog discussed an annual snow event hosted by Swansboro Parks and Recreation. Click this link to review the old blog post.

Hopefully, this wellness blog has given you some tips on how to make the most out of the colder weather that winter brings. Encourage your communities to stay safe and get outside this winter!

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