Introducing the New Wellness Toolkit

Happy 2018! This New Year the NCRPA Wellness Initiative is happy to announce some changes to our content. Over the past few months, the Wellness Initiative has been hard at work updating the NCRPA Wellness Toolkit. We are happy to introduce the new wellness toolkit: This wellness blog will give you some important information on how to access the information on our new wellness toolkit.

The homepage of the wellness toolkit includes resources to keep you up to date regarding wellness opportunities: from both NCRPA and beyond. You’ll find information on wellness webinars, our most recent blog posts, latest wellness news, grant opportunities and more!

When exploring the toolkit, the menu bar has been split into a few different sections to help you successfully navigate the site.

The wellness blog tab will allow you to explore the NCRPA wellness blog, which features posts from NCRPA members, staff, and wellness advocates about all the latest wellness news, insights and tips in our field. Each post is tagged, grouping like content together. Wellness blog posts are updated weekly on Mondays and are a great way to stay current on important wellness information in our field.

The next three headings on the menu bar bring you the main areas of content that support healthy eating and physical activity: wellness programming, policy, and infrastructure. Each of these sections contains a mix of previously recorded wellness webinars as well as distinct PDFs to help your department’s health and wellness efforts. Feel free to download these documents as they are meant to help you get started in adopting wellness programs, policy, and infrastructure. These documents will be updated periodically, with new content being added to the toolkit weekly.

In the future, stay tuned to the wellness toolkit for even more resources and information. More content will be added, coupled with announcements via our wellness blog, bulletin, and webinar series.

Have questions or want to learn more about the NCRPA Wellness Initiative? Use the “about us” tab for more information! Additionally, if you have feedback regarding our new wellness toolkit or would like to contribute to the content, I’d love to know about it! Email me at

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