Family Health & Fitness Day

NRPA's Family Health & Fitness Day will be held on June 9th, 2018. For this year's Family Health & Fitness Day, NCRPA is encouraging recreation and park agencies throughout North Carolina to take part in the festivities by hosting events that promote family health and wellness! This wellness blog will give your department some ideas to participate in this year's event.

Family health and fitness day is held annually on the second Saturday of every June and is a great opportunity to promote health and wellness in your community. NRPA invites agencies everywhere to participate by inviting families to get active at their local park or recreation center, or by hosting an event, such as a health fair or family fun run. The day also encourages healthcare providers to participate in the festivities, by attending or sponsoring events.

Interested in participating in this year’s Family Health and Fitness Day? Here are a few quick ideas to consider:

1. A mini health fair is a great way to promote health and wellness to families in your community! Partnering with a local healthcare provider is the key to pulling this off. Contact a local family practice, college or university, or your community’s health department to see if they would be willing to set up a few simple medical checks at one of your facilities. Be sure to emphasize that this would be a great way for them to give back to the community, while also promoting their organization to the public.

2. Provide space for families to be active. Pick a facility or field, and let families in your community know they can come participate in some unstructured playtime. Balls, toys, and other pieces of equipment should be provided. Sometimes, just providing the space and equipment to your community to use is all it takes to get folks active. For more structured playtime, try facilitating a few family-friendly games like kickball!

3. A family-friendly 5k run/walk is another great way to promote health and wellness in your community. In October 2017, the NCRPA Wellness Webinar featured Kyle Mishler and Jennifer Games from Hickory Parks and Recreation to talk about their annual trick or trot 5k. While this webinar is based on a Halloween event, the same principles apply to a family friendly 5k run/walk. To view a recording of the October 2017 Wellness Webinar, click this link!

The NCRPA Wellness Toolkit is putting together a webpage to keep track of all of the great resources available to you in planning a Family Health and Fitness Day celebration in your community. Click this link to visit the new webpage!

For even more info, register for our February Wellness Webinar! This month, Greg Walker director of Fletcher Parks and Recreation joins us on February 22nd at 2:00 pm to discuss the town's plan for NRPA Family Health & Fitness Day being held on June 9th, 2018. This webinar will cover aspects of planning a health & fitness day in your community, from partnerships to programming and marketing. Click this link to register.

I hope that your department gets the chance to participate in this year’s Family Health and Wellness Day on June 9th, 2018. Be sure to follow the NCRPA Wellness blog and toolkit for more event ideas and information in the next few weeks.

Until next time, Diquan

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