Family Health and Fitness Day II

Here at NCRPA, we're continuing our work in providing member agencies with tools and ideas to help in the participation in NRPA Family Health and Fitness Day on June 9th, 2018.

For this year's Family Health & Fitness Day, NCRPA is encouraging recreation and park agencies throughout North Carolina to take part in the festivities by hosting events that promote family health and wellness! This wellness blog will give your department some ideas to participate in this year's event.

1. Partnerships can be an important avenue in helping to offer any wellness program, especially a Family Health and Fitness Day! Our February wellness webinar featured the Family Health & Fitness Day that the Town of Fletcher is holding in June. A big theme throughout this webinar was the partnerships that Fletcher has established in order to run this event. The town has established a long-lasting relationship with the YMCA, a local hospital, and a local sports clinic. These partnerships largely came from Fletcher recognizing the organizations that have a similar commitment to improving health and wellness in their community and approaching them with an open mind. Try approaching a local grocery store to provide fresh fruits and vegetables, or a with a local healthcare provider to do basic health tests! Be sure to pick partners that align well with your department's values.

2. Outdoor Fitness classes can be a great way to get families up and active! In September of 2017, our wellness webinar focused extensively on planning outdoor group fitness courses. For Family Health and Fitness Day, try offering a simple course outdoors that's appropriate for all ages. This is not only a good way to get families up and active, but would be a great way to attract people to your more traditional courses! Click this link to view a recording of this webinar!

3. Provide a live DJ, or provide family-friendly music! Music can be a great way to get people up and active. According to a study cited by CNN, dancing can burn upwards of 300 calories every half-hour! A live DJ playing family-friendly music can be a cheap and fun way to get people exercising in a fun, non-intimidating way.

I hope that your department gets the chance to participate in this year’s Family Health and Wellness Day on June 9th, 2018. Be sure to follow the NCRPA Wellness blog and toolkit for more event ideas and information in the next few weeks.

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