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The goal of the NCRPA Wellness Initiative is to provide recreation and park agencies with resources to improve health programming, infrastructure, and policy efforts in your community. This wellness blog will give you a few resources and opportunities that your department may want to consider pursuing.

There are a number of current grant opportunities that can help encourage your community to get outside and healthy. Below, I've listed a few:

Aetna Foundation 2018 Cultivating Healthy Communities Grant Programs:

The Aetna Foundation is launching their 2018 Cultivating Healthy Community grant program to support local health efforts in homes, schools, jobs, and neighborhoods. They are offering up to $2 million dollars in grants to eligible organizations. For more information, check out this link!

Butterfly Garden Conservation Grants

Butterfly gardens can be great ways to get people outside and active. The Association for Butterflies is offering matching funds grants to promote the conservation of butterflies and their habitat. The Association for Butterflies will match one dollar for every one dollar your organization raises up to the amount of the grant. Projects must be conservation minded and benefit butterflies and/or habitat and may be part of a community, school, park, non-profit conservation group or any group interested in butterflies and moths. Click this link for more information.

Tony Hawk Foundation Skatepark Grants

The Tony Hawk Foundation is offering grants to build skate parks in low-income areas across the US. Nonprofit organizations and state and local agencies may apply for grants ranging from $1,000 to $25,000. For more information and to apply, click this link.

The Outdoor Foundation Paddle Nation Project

The Paddle Nation Project will award grants up to $5,000 that are designed to give organizations the resources and funding needed to support projects and initiatives that result in increased paddling participation. Non-profit organizations can be awarded UP TO $5,000 for requests that work towards creating connections between young people with their local waterways through recreational paddling. For more information, click this link.

I hope that this post has given you a few resources to encourage healthy living in your community!

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