May is National Bike Month

If you did not know, May is National Bike Month! Biking is a great way to get your community up and active. This wellness blog will give you some ideas for innovative bike programs in your community, and provide information on the health benefits of biking.

Established in 1956, National Bike Month is a chance to showcase the many benefits of bicycling — and encourage more folks to give biking a try.

Biking has a multitude of health benefits associated with it. According to the Harvard University Health Letter, the top five benefits of cycling are:

1. It's easy on the joints and could be a good alternative for anyone with joint pain or leg soreness.

2. Pushing pedals provide an aerobic workout.

3. Cycling builds muscles.

4. The benefits of cycling carry over to other aspects of your life. Increased balance, stability, and strength will make other tasks a bit easier.

5. Peddling builds bone mass.

Throughout the years, NCRPA has promoted a number of program, policy, and infrastructure ideas to encourage biking in your communities.

Sometimes, infrastructure improvements that support wellness in your community can be hard to identify. One small infrastructure change that can make a big difference in your community is providing bike racks. Bike racks are a cheap way to promote physical activity. Having a place for your visitors to safely lock up their bikes provides a way for them to get additional exercise going to and from your park. To learn more about bike racks, click this link.

Our April 2018 Wellness Webinar covered BikeFest - a festival in Gaston County centered around biking. Planning a similar festival in your community could be a great way to encourage people to get active. BikeFest has had everything from BMX Bike demonstrations, guided mountain bike trail rides, and local bike exhibitors and vendors. To view a recording of the April 2018 Wellness Webinar, click this link!

In August 2017, Lance Riddile from Hickory Parks and Recreation joined us to cover cycling fitness programs particularly as it pertains to seniors. This webinar discusses the importance of senior fitness, and how Senior Games can help in the implementation of fitness programs.

Want to get involved with Bike Month? The National Bike Month website has tons of great content! Check out the website for promotional materials, statistics, and more!

Until next time, Diquan

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