Kids to Parks Day

Saturday, May 19th is National Kids To Parks Day! Celebrated annually each 3rd Saturday in May, National Kids to Parks Day is designed to connect kids and families with their local, state, and national parks. This wellness blog will give you some ways to get involved with National Kids to Parks Day in your community.

According to the Kids to Park Website, "By discovering and exploring our public lands, kids across the country can learn about park stewardship, outdoor recreation, STEM, and the history of our country. In addition, by teaching our kids to appreciate and enjoy our public lands, we can foster future outdoor enthusiasts and create the next generation of park stewards and caretakers of these important places."

Of course, there are also some important health and wellness connections that come with getting children outside and active in their local parks.

In 2016, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation published a blog post about why parks matter for health. Here's what it found:

1. Parks foster mental, physical, and spiritual health

2. Parks encourage physical activity

3. Parks advance health equity

4. Parks help kids flourish

5. Parks are a power prescription to combat chronic disease

6. We need parks to survive.

For more information about these six benefits of parks and to see the full post, click this link.

So how can your department get involved in hosting a Kids to Park Day event? There are a few simple ways.

First, you can register to host a kid-friendly park event at this website. In planning an event, make sure it's appropriate for a child's skill level.

A great way to get ideas for an event in your area is to check out some of the other registered events. To view a listing of other events, click this link! Currently, there are none registered in North Carolina.

Your department can also encourage the community to come out and experience the parks it has to offer. For a toolkit on how to proclaim the day, check out this link. Some easy ways include using social media, info

graphics, and flyers to get people interested and aware of the day.

I hope your department gets involved in Kids to Parks Day!

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