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NRPA's Family Health & Fitness Day will be held on June 9th, 2018. For this year's Family Health & Fitness Day, NCRPA is encouraging recreation and park agencies throughout North Carolina to take part in the festivities by hosting events that promote family health and wellness!

NCRPA wants to help spread the word about Family Health & Fitness Day events happening throughout the state. If your department is planning to hold a Family Health & Fitness Day event, the NCRPA Wellness Initiative would love to feature it!

Please submit your event using this link, and it will be added to the following map:

This will allow for us to keep track of events throughout the state, and for your peers and communities to see the great health and wellness based events going on.

Although we moving closer to Family Health & Fitness Day on June 9th, there is still time for your department to plan an event! Even if the event is something short and simple, as long as it is promoting family health and fitness it may reach someone in your community. Here are a few simple ideas:

1. Offer a guided hike, that's around 1-3 miles and is appropriate for all skill levels. On this hike, be sure to making it fun and engaging for kids by pointing out any interesting vegetation, animals, or historical facts about your trail. Another way to engage children on a hike is to have a scavenger hunt using worksheets similar to this one.

2. Offer free trials or demonstration of your fitness programs. Choose a few fitness programs that your department holds and offer free trials to new participants. This is a not only a great way to get the community active but will also advertise your programming to a new audience. Pick a variety of programs that are good for kids, adults, and families.

Additionally, NRPA has compiled a website with resources to use in promotion of Family Health & Fitness Day! For access to the webpage, click this link.

We hope that you will join in the Family Health & Fitness Day festivities! Once again, if your department is holding an event, please submit the details here.

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