NRPA Family Health & Fitness Day

Believe it or not, NRPA Family Health and Fitness Day is this upcoming weekend, June 9th, 2018. Over the past few months, the NCPRA Wellness Initiative has featured a number of different resources to help your department get involved with the day. This wellness blog covers a few last minute details to help you get involved!

As you may know by now, NRPA Family Health & Fitness Day is held annually on the second Saturday of June. The day promotes the importance of parks and recreation in keeping communities healthy by encouraging local recreation and park departments to host events.

Although we are less than a week out from Family Health & Fitness Day, your department still has time to get involved. One easy way to get in on the action is by using social media. NRPA has created a ton of great resources to assist in this effort.

First, NRPA has created promotional images for use on social media, which can be found on this page. They are calling for departments to "use these images as your profile photo or “avatar” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram leading up to and during Family Health & Fitness Day. Encourage your fans and followers to do the same!"

Additionally, NRPA has created a poster for use in your recreation facilities and parks. Print out this poster and distribute it to the public for an easy way to encourage families to get active in your community.

It's not too late to plan an event for Saturday! Here are a few simple ideas that can be done with a short turnaround:

1. Offer a guided hike that's around 1-3 miles and is appropriate for all skill levels. On this hike, be sure to make it fun and engaging for kids by pointing out any interesting vegetation, animals, or historical facts about your trail. Another way to engage children on a hike is to have a scavenger hunt using worksheets similar to this one.

2. Provide space for families to be active. Pick a facility or field, and let families in your community know they can come participate in some unstructured playtime. Balls, toys, and other pieces of equipment should be provided. Sometimes, just providing the space and equipment to your community to use is all it takes to get folks active. For more structured playtime, try facilitating a few family-friendly games like kickball!

3. Provide a live DJ, or provide family-friendly music! Music can be a great way to get people up and active. According to a study cited by CNN, dancing can burn upwards of 300 calories every half-hour! A live DJ playing family-friendly music can be a cheap and fun way to get people exercising in a fun, non-intimidating way.

Is your department holding a Family Health & Wellness Event? If so, NCRPA Wellness Initiative would love to feature it!

Please submit your event using this link, and it will be added to the following map:

I hope that everyone has a great Family Health & Fitness Day!

Until next time, Diquan


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