Gardening: Using what you have

Due to limited space, time, and resources, gardening can be defined in many different ways. If you live in an apartment or town home, you may be limited by the amount of usable space to plant. These issues can also happen with your recreation facilities. Although you may face a few limitations, there is still huge potential for you to start a garden. Planting your own garden using the limited space you have can improve your eating habits, cut down on spending, and improve your overall health. This wellness blog will introduce tactics for home-gardening with limited space and resources.

Oftentimes, we may reconsider gardening because of limited time, space and resources. Starting a garden should never have to be reconsidered, as it can be done practically anywhere.

My first year in college at NC State, I lived in an apartment very close to campus. This change was a huge adjustment for me. My parents have about two acres of land, and my mom is an avid gardener. While living in the apartment, I quickly found ways to overcome the challenge of not having a backyard. By using hanging planter beds and pots I was able to plant smaller flowers and herbs on my small back porch. They are also very easy to maintain, even if you are gone most of the day. Hanging pots can be found at your local hardware store, as well as sometimes at the grocery store.

Moving from an apartment to a town home can give you a little bit more room. You may have access to a bigger back porch, or even a small yard. Both of these areas have the potential to yield more than just herbs and small flowers. With the additional space, you are able to use bigger planter pots and raised beds. These spaces can be perfect for growing peppers, tomatoes, and larger amounts of herbs.

The key to a higher crop yield is making sure you are using the space provided in the right way. Building small raised beds in your backyard or on your porch will allow you to be able to plant more than enough. Raised beds are relatively easy to build using internet tutorials. Take a look at some DIY projects and take advantage of your space to build a garden today.

The same principals that I use with my limited outdoor space can be applied to your recreation facilities! Taking advantage of your limited outdoor space can improve many aspects of your health. Start by researching what might be the best fit for you and your available space.

Gardening is more than just tending and cultivating, it is a way to promote healthier lifestyles, communities and gives one the chance to start something from the ground up…..literally.

Thank you all for reading and stay tuned for more NCRPA wellness blog posts!


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