The NCRPA Wellness Wall

Wellness today is defined as the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. Being able to pursue an individual goal for your own health is great, but tracking health goals can be difficult.

For the NCRPA office, I was able to brainstorm a fun, judgment-free way for my co-workers and I to keep up with a few of the little things that allow us to be healthier. Thus, the NCRPA wellness wall was born.

The wellness wall is made up of a dry erase board with a couple of different sections. On the whiteboard, there are permanent columns with the days of the week listed. On the left-hand side of the board, I created topics such as drinking water, going for a walk, eating a healthy lunch and more. Everyone in the office is in charge of keeping track of each of their tasks completed that day.

For example, if I brought in a healthy lunch, went for a walk, and drank an adequate amount of water on Tuesday, I would initial next to each one of these categories in the Tuesday column. By the end of the week, it is very self-fulfilling to see how many initials are on the board.

Put simply, using the wellness wall helps each of us actively pursue and track our individual health goals.

On the far right side of the board, there is a blank whiteboard space. We turned that space into a place for someone to share a “positive post”. These posts are meant to keep each other motivated and encouraged to pursue our health goals.

On the bottom portion of the board, there is a small sliver of cork board. To utilize this space, I came up with the "recipe rally". If someone has a healthy recipe to share, they can pin it to this portion of the board, allowing everyone in the office the chance to stop and take a look at it.

The ultimate goal behind the wellness wall is to give us a chance to keep track of our daily activity while at work. The wellness wall also motivates us to keep track of their actions, because they can see what co-workers have done on that same day.

The best part about the wall is that it is all based on what you think you have accomplished. It is not a competition between co-workers but rather is a simple, fun, interactive way to keep track of our personal daily habits. I encourage your office to do something like this, as it has kept us engaged and on top of our daily actions. Most importantly, it gives us a positive mindset by looking at everything we’ve completed from week to week-to-week.

I hope you are able to take this and create something similar for your office. We would love to see your creative ideas, so if you create a wellness wall in your office feel free to share it with us! Remember to look for the next wellness blog post!

Coult Culler, 2018 NCRPA Summer Intern

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