National Take a Hike Day!

National Take a Hike Day is this upcoming Saturday, November 17th! Hiking can be a great way to get your community active. This wellness blog will provide some more information about National Take a Hike Day, and the importance of hiking.

As designated by the American Hiking Society, National Take a Hike Day encourages everyone to hit the trails and enjoy the great outdoors.

Hiking has a ton of health benefits associated with it including lowering blood pressure, strengthening muscles, core, and balance, and relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety. Additionally,

With the beautiful fall weather right before the holiday season, this is a perfect time to encourage hiking in your community! If your department has any trails or greenways, plan a guided hike on National Take a Hike Day to get people outside.

If you are planning a guided hike, look for one that is 1-3 miles and is appropriate for all skill levels. On this hike, be sure to making it fun and engaging for kids by pointing out any interesting vegetation, animals, or historical facts about your trail. Another way to engage children on a hike is to have a scavenger hunt using worksheets similar to this one.

Keeping up with the theme of scavenger hunts, a smartphone scavenger hunt during a guided hike could also be a good idea! Check out this recording of one of our recent wellness webinars for more information.

Additionally, take advantage of the beautiful fall foliage! If your department has a trail or greenway that looks particularly nice this time of year, structure your hike around it!

I hope that you decide to celebrate National Take a Hike Day!

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