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Recently, the NCRPA team worked alongside agents from the North Carolina Cooperative Extension to present conference sessions on how recreation and park agencies and cooperative extension can partner. This wellness blog will share some of the lessons learned.

Over the last few months in preparation for our conference sessions, I have learned a lot about the NC Cooperative Extension. The mission of the extension is to "help create prosperity for North Carolina through programs and partnerships focused on agriculture and food, health and nutrition, and 4-H youth development."

Through learning more about cooperative extension, I realized how closely aligned parks and recreation and cooperative extension is. Both entities are tasked with finding innovative ways to improve community health, and care deeply about the communities they serve.

It became apparent that cooperative extension is a very good potential partner for park and recreation agencies to pursue in the future. With a common goal and complementary strengths, cooperative extension and parks and recreation seem like natural partners!

One example of these complementary strengths that stood out to me was physical activity and nutrition. cooperative extension has specialized training and education to make them well versed on nutrition. This strength of this specialized nutrition training pairs extremely well with park and recreation's role in promoting physical activity! Although this is just one example of our complementary strengths, there are countless other examples.

If you are interested in the current programs and research that cooperative extension is working on, I encourage you to visit their website at this link.

Cooperative extension services are located in every county in North Carolina. If you are interested who the cooperative extension contact person in your county is, click this link to view a map.

I hope that this blog got you thinking about some of the great work that cooperative extension is doing throughout our great state! Over the next few months, the NCRPA Wellness Initiative plans to highlight more ways that you can get involved with the cooperate extension - be sure to stay tuned!

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