Winter is Coming

Did you get a blast of chilly, wintry weather this weekend? The past few days have definitely reminded me that winter is coming. This wellness blog will give you a few ways to promote winter wellness in your household & community.

The winter can be a difficult time to stay active. With the holiday season, cold temperatures, and shorter days, prioritizing time for healthy practices can be a daunting task.

As it gets colder, people in your community will likely spend less time outdoors. We know that there are health benefits associated with being outdoors, but sometimes the weather conditions make it unbearable.

However, there are some things you can do outdoors that are only available in the winter! For birdwatchers, bare trees make for better sight lines. These sight lines coupled with the birds that fly south for the winter make for great bird watching conditions! This could be a great reason to get people outside.

Additionally, there are a ton of creative events your department can consider for the winter. Artificial snow is always a big hit. Snow can be set up on a hill for sledding, or in a field for other winter activities. One company I have heard of that a number of our departments who hold snowy events use is called "Snow My Yard".

These fun events are actually great ways to promote physical activity! According to, ice skating builds muscles, boosts balance, flexibility, quickness, and agility. Additionally, Both sledding and other traditional snow activities burn calories and are fun ways to get people active in the colder weather.

Hopefully, this wellness blog has given you a few ideas on how to get active this winter!

Until next time, Diquan

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