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It's a Christmas Eve Monday! Hopefully, you are enjoying quality time with your loved ones this holiday season. This wellness blog will give you a few ideas to incorporate health and wellness into this holiday season over the next few days.

There's no doubt that the holidays can be a tough time for your health & wellness goals. With all of the delicious food & drinks, as well as time off from work, it can be hard to stay on track.

Luckily, this time of year, no one is expecting you to be perfect. Below, I've included five healthy tips to help you stay on track this Christmas!

1. Get outside! Most of the state is supposed to have beautiful weather this year. Although we may not have a "White Christmas", mild temperatures are expected. Take this time to be active outside with loved ones!

2. Do not skip meals. If you are planning on having a big meal during this holiday season, be sure to not skip meals beforehand. Skipping breakfast (and meals in general) can lead to overeating later in the day.

3. Make easy substitutions. Everybody loves indulgent foods over the holidays. It can definitely be hard to cut back on all of the goodies (Christmas cookies are my weakness). Try to make easy substitutions in recipes when you can. Check out this great resource from the American Heart Association for a few easy recipe substitutions!

4. Help clean up after meals. Although this tip is not the most fun, doing normal household chores can actually be a great way to burn calories!

5. Manage stress. For many, the holidays can be a stressful time. Be sure to take a moment to care for yourself! Check out this article about Christmas stress management.

I hope you have a happy holiday!

Until next time,


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