Wellness Webinar This Thursday!

Monthly, the NCRPA Wellness Initiative holds a wellness webinar. Wellness webinars are a great way to inform you about innovative wellness programs, policies, or infrastructure ideas that your department may want to consider implementing. This wellness blog will preview our February wellness webinar, happening on Thursday!

Sometimes, healthy eating and nutrition can be a challenge to implement in a park and recreation setting. In our past wellness program survey data, there was often a desire to implement nutrition programs, but real difficulty to actually put these programs into place.

Recognizing these challenges, Thursday's wellness webinar focuses on the City of Salisbury's Food and Nutrition Camp.

Teri Shaw and Megan Simpson from Salisbury will be joining us to detail the City of Salisbury's Food and Nutrition Camp and will provide information that you may be able to implement in your departmental programming.

Personally speaking, food and nutrition camps can make a huge impact on the lives of kids. I remember as a child, I attended a one-week cooking camp offered by my local parks and recreation department. This camp is where I learned the basics of cooking!

If you would like to register for our February Wellness webinar, click this link! It will be held on Thursday, February 28th, beginning at 1:00 pm.

If you have any questions regarding this webinar, please email me at diquan@ncrpa.net! Also, be on the lookout for news regarding our March Wellness webinar.

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